Hefezellen102Conventional measuring methods in fermentation and food industry are restricted to monitoring of physical parameters such as pH or temperature. Although relevant for the process control, they do not contain any information about the state of the micro-organisms themselves.
However, in order to fully automate the fermentation process, information about state of micro-organisms is required; such as  product-concentrations of metabolism and consumption of nutrients.

For this tasks BIOTECHNOLOGIE KEMPE GmbH has developed different probes , based on principle of Silicone Tubing or the amperometric principle .


inline sensors for alcohol, methanol, and methane(direct in the liquid)


 inline probes for CO2 (direct in the liquid)

Calibration device

Device for the calibration of alcohol probe

Retraction Systems

sterilizable and retractable housings

Zero- Air Generator

The air purifier produces clean and hydrocarbon free air from normal compressed air.

FMC -Mini

The evaluation of all measurement data from the probe signals, calibration of the probes and temperature compensation is done by a small measuring computer

Process control
 system “ FMC

For  process control of fermentation plants, pilot plants or production units in this field, we have developed the Fermentations Micro Computer.
All probes can be connect directly  to the FMC - System (amplifier are integrated)